SparrowIQ Technical Demonstration
See a technical overview of how to use Sparrow and a typical deployment scenario.

SparrowIQ Network Traffic and Bandwidth Analyzer (explainer video)
In this short video, you will get an introduction to the SparrowIQ product.

How to set up a SPAN/Mirror Port
In this technical video, learn how to set up SPAN or port mirroring as our Support Engineer walks you through a step-by-step example.

How to conduct a Network Assessment with SparrowIQ
Network assessments are an important tool for MSPs (managed services client). In this tutorial you can see how easily a network assessment can be conducted in SparrowIQ through five simple steps.

SparrowIQ Alerting Tutorial
In this tutorial you will learn best-practices of how to configure SparrowIQ’s alerting capabilities. We highlight how to create, customize, and set up alert notifications.

The Effect of Bandwidth Hogs on SMB Networks
Bandwidth hogs are detrimental to a workplace’s network. In this video, we show how just damaging a few bandwidth hogs can be. SparrowIQ highlights this by illustrating the responsible users and how much data is being consumed.

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